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Welcome to Vacay Spot Homes, located in the Miami area. We are a small vacation rental company that loves to make our guests feel like they’re at home. Our founder, Victor “Victorious” Barroso, Jr., wanted a vacation rental company like no other, and we are. From the time you book with us, you’ll get a guidebook sent with all kinds of information on the home you’ll be staying in, things to do locally, and more. We have a small maintenance and cleaning team that we know will get things done correctly.

We hope you will consider staying with us in one of our homes during your next visit to our beautiful city.

A Sole Survivor Of Tragic Accident By Drunk Driver

Native Of Miami, Victor “Victorious” Barroso Jr. Is Finding His True Passion In The Real Estate Agency and Property Rental Management Business As A One Stop Shop, Helping Clients and Landlords Daily Makes It; Sky's The Limit With The Team He Has Created

“You can't wait until life isn't hard anymore until you decide to be happy.”  -Nightbirde
Confronted With Crisis.
Left Alive with a Mission.

I was granted a second chance at life. It was on this day I lost my right arm, lost dear friends, and only through a miracle of God, was brought back to life after being presumed dead. When a Chevrolet truck carrying 43 passengers struck us head on impact to the front of my car at 6pm. The impact from the collision injured 33 passengers in the truck, and instantly took the life of six, including all four passengers accompanying me. I don’t know how, or why my life was spared, but I am determined to use this God given opportunity to make a difference. I was holding onto life by a thread when extracted from the vehicle post-accident. The car accident left me with traumatic and severe brain injuries, loss of blood that required 5 transfusions, terrible wounds, and both lungs perforated. And due to the severity of the wounds, my right arm was amputated.

A new outlook on life leading to DISCOVERY PURPOSE.

For 8 days, I was in a coma, and the doctors decided to disconnect me from the ventilator machine, with little to no hope in my abilities to survive without life support. Miraculously, with little to no hope in my abilities to survive without life support. Miraculously, I began breathing on my own After 13 days in the hospital, I was sent to jail with open and infected wounds, and no therapy. The conditions in the jail were inhumane and filthy, and much worse than the hospital. All I can remember, on my first days in Jail, was my wound itching incessantly and bleeding continuously, and unfortunately, the medical attention was scarce. I waited impatiently in jail for trial, as legal actions had been taken under Cuba’s judicial socialistic bureaucracy. I was very anxious and desperate waiting for the trial to be sent home. Instead I was sentenced to seven years in prison, despite the evidence demonstrating that I, indeed, was not responsible for the tragic accident. Instead, I myself was a victim! They withheld the documents from court showing that I did not have any alcohol or drugs in my system, and concealed that I had suffered severe brain injuries and had been in an eight day coma.

defying injustice: Victor's 851-Day Ordeal as an American Political Prisoner in Cuba Doesn’t Hinder his Determination, Every Endeavor Earns Glowing 5-Stars

They also didn't allow this video to be played to demonstrate it wasn't my fault even with the USA embassy in court. They wanted to make it political and since the United States of America didn't have any ties with the communist relationship with Cuba; my country sadly couldn't do anything for me. I spent 28 months in two Cuba’s prisons. I was wasting away with rashes all over my body, continuous ongoing stomach viruses, malnourishment, and little to no medical attention; and when medical attention was given, it was rudimentary. Awaiting desperation of weeks and months (851 days in prison), finally the day of March 19th, 2015 arrived and I was sent home free (USA). Homeland Security awaiting my arrival. 3/19/2015. No amount of words or pictures exist that I can present to demonstrate all the pain suffered by the families of the victims of this horrific accident, and my family who suffered and fought for me to be free. This story, unfortunately, will never serve justice to the nightmare lived by the victims and the families of the victims. Despite being sentenced as a criminal, I was also a victim. I lost four of my closest friends, have to accept living my new life with one arm, and now am on a new road to recovery. Today, as I look at myself in the mirror, I not look past the missing arm, and I make everyone to smile a do 5 stars!

hand keys realty Agency

Your Trusted Partner for Real Estate Transactions – Victor Barroso Jr., the Expert Behind Hand Key Realty as Broker, Ensures Top-tier Quality. Schedule a Consultation for Buying, Selling, or Property Management. With Extensive Knowledge and Experience, We Guide You in Finding Approved Properties in the Right Locations, Facilitate Licensing Processes, and Optimize Revenue Potential. Elevate Your Property's Experience to a Remarkable 5-Star Standard.

Marketing manager / Interior Designer

Valerie Asmar is a young, energetic, enthusiastic, accomplished businesswoman and entrepreneur with a passion for empowering others. She was born and raised in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico and went on to earn her Master’s degree in Barcelona. She’s fully bilingual and has over 10 years of professional experience in different areas related to communications management, retailing, branding, advertising, and customer service. She professional marketing Vacay Spot and holds the position as Digital Brand Manager for Bella Group, the car industry leader company in Puerto Rico. In addition to her successful career in marketing, Valerie has a design project company called Vasmart, she consults for local companies and individuals to help them achieve the space they're dreaming of.

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